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INNETECH manufactures high efficiency energy products respecting new thermic regulatory and like NF HQE, BBC, BEPOS, Effinergie, ....

(there are high quality envronemental French labels regulatoring low consumptions building etc.)



At the cutting edge of innovation, our engineers and technicians have the best tools available on design market.


Our team’s skill allows us to design equipment in 3D. The design and technical teams also validate the materials. The 3D technology allows them to integrate all the project’s component, to validate the assembling, and transfer data files to numerically controlled production machines for the manufacturing.


We use simulation software dedicated to our know-how, strengthening our adaptation ability to each of your projects.

One of our software, for example enable us to systematically validate our structures resistance based on implantation location. Another one enable us to simulate air flows in the premises before putting into production...


Thanks to these ultra-performing tools, we can devote our energy bringing you the best solution by integrating all of your project’s specifications and data: performances, energy efficiency, eco design, geometry, acoustic…


By your side, INNETECH offers you to participate in your preliminary draft, defining with you the solutions, the drafting of technical specifications, and materials implementation on the plans.