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Crédit Agricole Private Equity and Bretagne Jeunes Entreprises invest in Innetech

Innetech, a company specialising in designing air treatment solutions, has successfully carried out an 

initial €300,000 round of fund-raising, subscribed by Bretagne Jeunes Entreprises (BJE) and Crédit 

Agricole Private Equity. The aim of this early-stage financing is to structure the company's technical 

workforce and boost sales. 


In addition to conventional technical expertise, Innetech has established itself as a specialist in 

energy-efficient air treatment solutions. Its aim is to optimise management of air production and 

distribution systems for large buildings. 


Working with BJE during the early stages of setting up the company, the company's director has 

successfully convinced financial backers of the relevance of his business plans. 


Eric Le Guy, Chairman of Innetech, comments: "The confidence placed in us by our investors 

validates our strategy and supports our aims. We firmly believe that the solutions we develop offer a 

satisfactory and innovative answer to the needs expressed by our clients of efficient management and 

cost savings. The market is waiting to develop and current regulatory requirements - and probably 

future requirements - will increase these needs". 


Anthony Hillion, associate at BJE, believes that "the director's entrepreneurial and commercial profile, 

coupled with proven knowledge of the sector in which the company operates, provide a solid basis for 

well thought out and balanced growth. The creation of this company also attests to Bretagne's 

influence in the air conditioning engineering industry". 


Renaud Poulard, Partner in the Venture Capital team at Crédit Agricole Private Equity, comments: 

"We are very pleased to be able to support this young company during its early stages and to 

contribute to the development of its innovative technology."