Innetech : Spécialisé dans le traitement de l'air

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INNETECH specialises in providing products and solutions for buildings air treatment processing with an efficient control of energy consumption.


Our expertise and our know-how in the field of climate engineering allow us to accompany you in all your projects development and buildings restoration in the tertiary and industrial sectors.


Heating regulation, ventilation, air conditioning and energy efficiency solutions to reduce operating costs and optimize profitability and performance throughout buildings’ life cycle.


INNETECH offers tailored and global solutions for planning, installing, and also innovative technical systems commissioning of products.  


This overall and coherent offer will help you to adapt to any new safety, environmental or energy standards, that are continuously evolving.

We work in accordance with an environmental quality approach which aim is to assist you in conceiving building with limited and controlled impacts on the environment from the conception to the building’s end of life cycle.

INNETECH affirms willingness to be committed on results: Propose you for each project, the most efficient energy-saving solutions and promote the development of eco-friendly designed materials to limit buildings footprints...